Tuesday, October 18, 2011

September's Most Popular Baby Names - 2011

There are some great new baby names we're adding to Nymbler this month (check them out below) and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your suggestions and encourage you to keep them coming! If you have a name you think would make a great addition to the Nymbler database, feel free to send us an email with any additional information about the name including:

1. Gender
2. Origin
3. Meaning

Send emails to nymbler-suggest@icosystem.com

We would also like to thank Mom Central for the lovely blog post they wrote last month entitled, How to choose a baby name with Nymbler. It is a great introduction into what Nymbler can do for anyone searching for their perfect baby name. For those unfamiliar with Mom Central, they are a great web-based resource dedicated to providing busy Moms with smart household and parenting solutions. Find them online at www.momcentral.com or follow them on Twitter.

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Here are the names that were popular on Nymbler in September 2011, click them to see more info:

Top 10 favorite names:
1. Charlotte
2. Oliver
3. Owen
4. Grace
5. Noah
6. Amelia
7. Henry
8. Violet
9. Audrey
10. Ella

Top 5 brand new names:
1. Reverie
2. Ataya
3. Liya
4. Gatsby
5. Decker

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Baby Names said...

Oliver Martext is popular boys name of September, It's a beautiful and sounded mostly people have in searched this name with meaning and origin.