Friday, July 15, 2011

June's Most Popular Baby Names - 2011

Weeks after Natalie Portman gave birth, someone finally let slip the name she and fiancĂ©, Benjamin Millepied gave their newborn baby boy, Aleph. The name (which is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet) has created quite the stir and even landed Portman on more than one 'weirdest celebrity baby names' list, which in our opinion is completely unwarranted. There are several, more bizarre celebrity baby names that come to mind (ummm… how about Pilot Inspektor or Blue Angel?). Take a look at this list of Bizarre Celebrity Baby Names in 2011 and tell us what you think. Does 'Aleph' deserve the top spot?

In addition, we’d like to extend congratulations to David & Victoria Beckham who gave birth to a baby girl named Harper Seven and to Kate Hudson who had a baby boy with fiancĂ© Matt Bellamy and named him Bingham Hawn Bellamy!

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Here are the names that were popular on Nymbler in June 2011, click them to see more info:

Top 10 favorite names:
1. Oliver
2. Charlotte
3. Amelia
4. Noah
5. Ava
6. Ella
7. Benjamin
8. Owen
9. Liam
10. Henry

Top 3 brand new names:
1. Suomi
2. Tyla
3. Aleph