Monday, April 11, 2011

March's Most Popular Baby Names - 2011

The Nymbler blog is back to our regular monthly post! During the past months, we've been busy updating the system with new names and with creating a Norwegian version of Nymbler! If you have an interest in Norwegian names, you can visit Navnekarusellen ("The Name Carousel") at If you'd like to stick to Nymbler's English names, here are the ones that were popular on Nymbler in March 2011. Click them to see more information:

Top 10 favorite names:
1. Charlotte
2. Owen
3. Oliver
4. Grace
5. Violet
6. Noah
7. Amelia
8. Benjamin
9. Jack
10. Olivia

Top 5 brand new names:
1. Lian
2. Raed
3. Liav
4. Maxton
5. Avani

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Anonymous said...

I like Mildred and Ethel, but my husband wouldn't let me use such a name on our baby girl. He said it sounded like an old lady. I said name a pretty little girl Mildred or Ethel or Maude and soon enough the name would make him think of a pretty little girl rather than an old lady.