Wednesday, September 15, 2010

August's Most Popular Baby Names - 2010

Here are the names that were popular on Nymbler in August 2010. Charlotte is still holding strong as that name tops our most popular list this month once again. Finn is a new name and a nice change, making it on the list at #9.

Click on each name to see more info:

Top 10 favorite names:
1. Charlotte (same)
2. Oliver (+1)
3. Amelia (+2)
4. Ava (+3)
5. Henry (-1)
6. Noah (-4)
7. Grace (+2)
8. Owen (+2)
9. Finn (new)
10. Lucy (-4)

Top 7 brand new names:
1. Vesper
2. Xavi
3. Zaiden
4. Tenley
5. Jaxton
6. Sunniva
7. Eames

Looking over the list of new names for the month, I couldn’t help but recognize two or three from some popular television shows I’ve seen recently which led me to thinking about name popularity. What makes one name more popular than another? History has shown that many people choose a name for their child solely because of its meaning. If the name has a strong, positive (or negative!) meaning then their child will likely portray those qualities. Others however, will choose a name based on current pop culture icons such as a character from a popular TV show, a favorite writer, or musician. How have you or will you choose your perfect baby name?

Thanks to you, this month we were able to rectify a mistake we made with a few names in our Nymbler database which incorrectly stated they were of Hawaiian origin. Because of your emails, the blight was spotted quickly and promptly fixed. A genuine ‘thank you’ to all of you for your continued support!


Fucking Infertility said...

And with that, one of my very last old favorites is sucked up into the vortex of popularity. Man, I thought I had at least one safe name. It wasn't even IN Nymbler properly at first despite being a real name. (It is now.)
I guess it's just as well I'll probably never get to have kids! I can't think of a name that isn't about to be "in the air" and turn into a "hipster name" and make people think I'm just some hipster and my child is just some hipster accessory!!!

elsa said...

Xavi is a world cup name!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update for August! I'd love to see the list broken down by the top 10 for girls and the top 10 for boys, just to give a bigger picture of what might be on the rise.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are leaning toward Finn for the baby boy we're expecting. And while we like the name for a more traditional reason (We're thinking Finn McCool from Irish myth, not some High School Musical Finn on TV), it is nice to see the name get a little press.

We want our child to have a meaningful name, but not if it's going to get him beat up on the playground. In this case, a little less rare can be a good thing.

If Finn can jump in popularity from 300-something (where it was last year) to 100-something, that'd be just about right.

Thanks for the cool site. Is there any chance we can get the September numbers?