Tuesday, June 15, 2010

May's Most Popular Baby Names - 2010

Here are the names that were popular on Nymbler in May 2010, click them to see more info:

Top 10 favorite names:
1. Charlotte
2. Oliver
3. Amelia
4. Ava
5. Henry
6. Benjamin
7. Noah
8. Jack
9. Grace
10. Owen

Top 4 brand new names:
1. Yeardley
2. Draco
3. Anakin
4. Aniston

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justinandmelissa said...

Laura, I have a random question that needs an answer from a name expert! My husband and I both like the name Rowan for a baby boy. However, I am nervous that it may become more of a girls name as time goes by and that our little guy may be teased! Are there any clues as to which androgonous names eventually end up going one way or the other? Taylor is one name that sticks in my head as starting out as a boys name and now being more popular as a girls name. Thanks for the advice! Melissa PS. other kids names are Aizalyn and Myla