Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nymbler updated with 50k names

Dear Nymbler users,
There's been a massive update of the Nymbler database.
Now, you can explore and get inspired by more than 50.000 names!
On top of that, we added meaning of the names to the info popup, a feature that had been requested by many users.
We hope that you find this updated Nymbler useful!


C N Heidelberg said...

I just got "Anthonysha" as a recommendation for a girls' name. Please don't go the Bruce Lansky route...

Sebastiane said...

I love the updates. Hoping you've added the names I've requested :)

Lucy said...

This is wonderful, and I've also noticed that now it takes anything you type in. Great feature, because I make up a lot of names so its nice to see them on here. Also, thank you for adding my requested names, Winter for a girl and Audria. Now Nymbler is hands down my favorite baby name site. Keep up the great work!