Thursday, September 17, 2009

August's Most Popular Baby Names - 2009

We're a bit late this month! The Nymbler team is working on a couple new features that we think you will enjoy...

In the meantime, here are the names that were popular on Nymbler in August 2009, click them to see more info:

Top 10 favorite names:
1. Charlotte (Same)
2. Ava (Same)
3. Benjamin (+3)
4. Amelia (-1)
5. Finn (New)
6. Grace (-2)
7. Jack (+3)
8. Henry (-3)
9. Oliver (-2)
10. Claire (New)

Top 5 brand new names:
1. Khloe
2. Gypsy
3. Gracen
4. Bodhi
5. Fable

One of our commenter asked what these new names are, exactly. They are names that Nymbler users enter manually and that Nymbler has no information about yet.
By collecting and counting these unknown names, we can get a glimpse of what names our cutting-edge users would like to have included in Nymbler.

See you next month for another top 10!

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Anonymous said...

I love nymbler! I can't wait to see the new feaures. When are you going to submit Ondine, Pomeline and Eponine into the database? :) Also, it would be awesome if you would check out my baby name blog. I have lots of names that might be of interest to you.