Thursday, August 7, 2008

Talulah does the Hula with Nymbler

Nymbler has stored in its memory banks over 6600 names, each accompanied by interesting information such as its origin. That's a lot of names, and a lot of information! Yet even Nymbler will, from time to time, reply with a "huh?" when one inputs an unusual name.

Recently some parents from New Zealand were in the news because they decided to name their child "Talula does the Hula From Hawaii." The child, now 9 years old and traumatized by her name, was placed into court guardianship by a firm judge. Rumor has it that the child has a new name, not released of course due to her tender age.

We were curious about what Nymbler would say. We quickly learned that Talula, or in its longer form, Talulah, is not, as it turns out, in Nymbler's database.

But fear not, Nymbler can grow, and you can help! If you by chance input a name that Nymbler does not know, simply click "Add Name" and fill out, as completely as you can, the requested information. Through the wonder of the Internets your name will speed along to the Nymbler development team, and we'll get to work on adding it. Give us time though, we'll want to consult with our naming experts in order to provide you with the most accurate information and the best inspiration!

Now off to see about adding "Talulah"...

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Anonymous said...

Tallulah was, though. Right?

Anyway, yay!