Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Inspiration from the Jewel Box

A few of us around here at Nymbler have had kids of our own and know first-hand that prolonged confusion and uncertainty can permeate the babynaming process. Where to start? There are so many places to begin and yet once one gets started it can be difficult to keep inspiration flowing long enough to find that name that somehow -- works.

Today's source of inspiration: the jewelry box (of all places). But why not? One's baby is indeed precious. The name "Jewel" itself is a start, and plugged into Nymbler.com elicits a wonderful collection of names that are jewels, or sound like jewels, or are related to nature in other ways. For boys: Flint, Sterling, Stone - strong names, those! And girls: Jade, Crystal, and the sweetly old-fashioned Coral. And of course this being Nymbler there are many, many more to choose from or to select as favorites and feed back in!

So have fun- this is one jewelry-shopping trip that won't set you back!

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