Friday, March 14, 2008

Nymbler Trendspotting #2: A History Lesson

The second trend we're going to look at takes us to many different places. The first stop may be your very own town. But before we can go there, we need to go back in time.

When cities and states were being colonized in “The New World,” many places were named after the people founding them or someone close to them. For example, Georgia was named after King George I of Britain. Louisiana was named after King Louis XIV of France. Pennsylvania for its founder, William Penn. And Maryland for Henrietta Maria de Bourbon, wife of Charles I.

Nowadays, we aren’t naming places after our loved ones or our contractors who build our homes. But, we are seeing a little bit of history repeating, only this time, in reverse.

Today we see names such as Brooklyn, Boston and Dallas appearing more and more. With the popularity of Paris Hilton, maybe city names will be the new trend.

If you’re thinking place names might be the way you want to go, Nymbler a few to find out. Get started with our short list: Camden, Trenton, London, Aspen, Austin. And be sure to let us know if your favorite place is missing.


Anonymous said...

Can I just...look, as someone from southern New Jersey, please don't name your child Camden. It's an extremely sketchy area.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps that name wouldn't be after Camden, NJ. Maybe someone would be naming their child Camden after the home of the Baltimore Orioles, Camden Yards!

Anonymous said...

Don't think Paris can really be considered a "place" name. Unless the parents choosing it are really ill-informed.