Monday, March 10, 2008

Nymbler Trendspotting #1: From Surname to First Name

Nymbler’s been watching the trends for a while now, so we figured it was time we break down some of the more prevalent trends that we’ve noticed. What will we tackle first? Last names as first names.

In our list of Top Names of 2007, we found quite a few last names that have made their way to the front of a signature. While that short-list is dominated by male names, the last name chart topper was the female form of the androgynous Avery at #20. The closest contender was Riley at #62.

Boys’ (last) names that made the Top 100 of 2007 include Brady at #57, Grant at #65, Logan at #69 and Jackson at #76.

While we’ve split them into male and female names, many last names are androgynous when used as first names, including the aforementioned Avery and Logan. Others include Bailey, Taylor, Jordan and Morgan.

Using a last name as a first name is a good way to please multiple family members at once. Just think, you can please Aunt Mildred, Uncle Wilson and your Grandfather, William all by using their surname. Not all last names carry over as well as others, so just be sure you know where to draw the line.

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