Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy New Year Nymbler! (Part 3)

Last time, we dissected our numbers and broke down Nymbler’s Top Ten names of 2007. But now, we’re turning our eyes on popular baby names outside the US. What we learned is that, when English is the language, some names are truly global.

Worldwide, Jack has a strong showing on a few lists. (Remember, Jack was first in Nymbler’s Top Ten.) In England, Australia and New Zealand Jack took the top spot in the most popular boys’ names of 2007. Scotland made up its own mind though, with Lewis kicking the reigning Jack out of first place.

The girls’ lists are a little more complicated. In England, Grace topped the list and Ava (Nymbler’s #1) was nowhere to be found. Australians chose the name Olivia most for their newborn girls. And the close by New Zealand chose Ella as the top girls’ name. In Scotland, Sophie took the top spot.

In a completely different area of the world, the Japanese top ten list was led by Hiroto (male) and Aoi (female.) Hiroto is made up of two Japanese characters meaning “big” and “flying in the air.” Aoi’s character is representative of the mallow plant, a medicinal plant.

While the global lists don’t match up, one thing’s for sure, families will always be naming their new additions and Nymbler will be there counting the names.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy New Year Nymbler! (Part 2)

Yes, we’re still celebrating the New Year. But today we’re also celebrating Nymbler’s newest additions – more names!

We’ve just added a handful of new names that made the top list in the past year and some that you suggested. More names mean more inspirations and even better name suggestions. It’s the first of many enhancements planned for 2008.

So you may be wondering where those new names are hiding. Well, here’s a few starting places: Madigan, Gray, Lorelai, Cain and Ronin. Go ahead and poke around, we’re sure you’ll find even more names.

What!? Nymbler still doesn’t know your favorite name? Be sure to let us know, we’re adding to our name lists all the time.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year Nymbler!

It’s 2008, and Nymbler is ready to see what baby names will be on top this year. But before we try to forecast what name will earn the #1 spot in 2008, let’s look back at some of the top names of 2007.

And 2007’s top names are… (drumroll, please…) Jack & Ava! Here’s a look at the overall top 10, broken down by gender:

1. Jack
2. Benjamin
3. Owen
4. Noah
5. James
6. Reid
7. Max
8. Nathan
9. Finn
10. Hayden

1. Ava
2. Charlotte
3. Elizabeth
4. Hannah
5. Sophie
6. Ella
7. Anna
8. Lily
9. Olivia
10. Abigail
We had a feeling Jack and Ava would take the top slots on our list. As far as the boys go, we see some trends including some Biblical names ¬– Benjamin, Noah, James – and some good, strong names that have stood the test of time – Jack, James, Reid. The girls also have a trend toward the Biblical – Elizabeth, Hannah, Anna – and some old-fashioned names – Sophie, Olivia and Charlotte.

With each name that’s added to the “Favorites” list, the overall rankings change. We’ve compiled the list of the fastest movers from Nymbler during 2007. These are the names that jumped in the rankings, some by more than 3,000 places!

1. O’Rourke
2. Wright
3. Morton
4. Weaver
5. Milford

1. Shawn
2. Ray
3. Joey
4. Marsha
5. Lois
It sounds like the boys are going more toward surnames and first names. And it looks as though the boys’ names are creeping over to the girl’s list. We’re anticipating some of these trends might hold for 2008.

We’re anxious to see if our names will match up with the US Social Security Data from 2007. Either way, we know our Nymbler statistics represent what you are looking for. And who knows, maybe our 2007 list, will match the 2008 data.

Happy New Year and Happy Nymblering in 2008!