Friday, November 2, 2007

October's Most Popular Baby Names

It’s the first Friday of the month, so we’re going to check on some favorite names (and some not so favorite names) according to you, the Nymbler community.

Here at Nymbler we hope everyone had a great October. As far as names go, just like last month, Ava had the best month among female names. And fighting his way back to the top spot is Jack, who was slightly edged out by Benjamin (#2 in October) in September. The runner-up in female names is Elizabeth, followed by Hannah, Anna and Sophie. For the boys, Benjamin is trailed by James, Owen and Simon.

Our top blocked names were mostly male in October, with only two female names (Anna and Rachel) making the top 10. The male-dominated blocked list includes Reid, Brayden, Vaughn, Levi and Brady.

The top emailed names in October were Benjamin, Ava, Jack, Noah and Owen. And names most often suggested by Nymbler include Rachel, Sarah, Anna and Max.

Another "Top 10 Names" list we compiled is made up of the names that are manually added to inspirations, but Nymbler doesn’t have enough information about quite yet. That top 10 list looks like this:


We can only guess that Mila is becoming popular because of actress Milla Jovovich (and she’s due this weekend!) Zara might be gaining speed because of the clothing line of the same name that is becoming more popular. Gray might be rising because of television's Grey's Anatomy. And we have a feeling Tegan is requested because of the sister-singing sensation Tegan and Sara.

What names do you wish Nymbler knew? Let us know so we can add them to our "Names to teach Nymbler" list.


Lara said...

I can't think of any suggestions name-wise, but I'd love the ability to sign in so my preferences could be saved!

Anonymous said...

I'd like for Nymbler to know more Basque names. Ainhoa, Ainara, Iñaki...

Anonymous said...

is anyone else struggling to access the nymbler website??

Anonymous said...

I'd like for Nymbler to study the name Aquilla for a boy.

Anonymous said...

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