Friday, November 30, 2007

It's time to get (un)inspired

We blog a lot about where to look for baby name inspiration. From football stars to relatives to celebrities, it seems name ideas are everywhere you look.

But what about those times you’re not looking for your baby name muse to put the perfect name in your head? What about those times when you want to knock names out of the running?

To help out with this, we put together a list of un-inspiring situations. It’s those times you’ll want to listen up for names you might want to weed out of your potential name collection.

The New Neighborhood. You just moved in, so the neighbors, and their new baby, swing by with a Jello Mold to welcome you. Listen closely to the name of that little one. It could get plain confusing when Kate comes over to play with your Kate. Or Justin is out back playing ball with your Justin. We’re confused already!

Your Favorite Places. When you’re out at the mall or walking by the local playground, listen up for those names that are shouted out as little ones bounce too far away from mom. “Davis, come here!” “Madison, stay with Mommy!” You can’t change other children’s names, so if you’re seeking a unique name, don’t look for inspiration by the jungle gym.

Your Morning Read. Whether on the train or on the back porch, look at that newspaper. Most newspapers publish birth announcements weekly, so check out who’s who in your hospital’s nursery. (If you can’t find it in the paper, some hospitals have online nurseries you can peek into.)

The Dirty Dog Salon. You may really like the name Roman. Just remember, as a child your spouse had a puppy called Roman. And that four-legged stigma will probably always go right along with the name. Besides when neighbors holler “Lassie!” from the front porch, you don’t want your little one to run to their doorstep.

Where do you look to get uninspired? Old yearbooks? History documentaries? Let us know!

(Also, be sure to check in next week. We’ll be recapping November’s top names. It might be a close race! See if you can predict Nymbler's most popular names.)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Are you ready for some football?! Baby name-style!

Football season is in full swing. And while we're not exactly following all the games, we are always checking out the names that are making headlines. You never know where you'll find baby name inspiration. And with more and more searching for unique baby boy names, why not look to the roster of your favorite team?

While you can find out the standings of your favorite team, it takes a little more digging to find out how their quarterbacks match up against one another. So, we've done the work for you. No, we didn't compare passing yards and touchdowns. We compared their first names, of course!

So here it is, the top ten NFL teams' quarterbacks face off to see where their names rank. (Teams are listed in NFL rank.)

New England Patriots – Tom Brady
His team may be first, but his name isn't! Tom peaked in 1959 and currently is not ranked in the top 1000 baby names. (His full name is Thomas which comes in at #40)

Dallas Cowboys – Tony Romo
Tony peaked soon after in 1961 and is currently #320. (Although it's usually a nickname for Anthony, Tony's full name is Antonio which is ranked #92.)

Green Bay Packers – Brett Favre
Most popular in 1986, Brett is currently #242 and dropping at about a 25% rate.

Indianapolis Colts – Peyton Manning

Now at #138, Peyton is at its highest rank ever among boys’ names. (Maybe that's due in part to Manning's 10-year career – the name is still climbing at about a 60% rate!)

Pittsburgh Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger
It was at its peak in 1918, but today Ben comes in at #543 in the top 1000. (Although it's usually a nickname for Benjamin, this QB's full name is just Ben.)

Detroit Lions – Jon Kitna
Currently at #433, Jon hit its peak in 1964 and is declining at a 16% rate. (The more popular John is #18.)

Jacksonville Jaguars – David Garrard
Although it peaked in 1955, David is still ranked in the top 20 boys' names – it's #14.

New York Giants – Eli Manning

Ranked #152, Eli is in its peak and still on the rise. (Looks like the Manning parents had a knack for naming and raising QBs!)

Tennessee Titans – Vince Young
Most popular in 1962, Vince is no longer ranked in the top 1000 boys' names. (It's another nickname too! This QB's full name, Vincent, is #111 and on the rise.)

Buffalo Bills – J.P. (Jonathan Paul) Losman

The first in the bunch to stump Nymbler! J.P. isn't included in our database. (But Jonathan is! It's at #19.)

Did we miss your favorite team or player? Nymbler your top NFL name and let us know where it stands.

Friday, November 2, 2007

October's Most Popular Baby Names

It’s the first Friday of the month, so we’re going to check on some favorite names (and some not so favorite names) according to you, the Nymbler community.

Here at Nymbler we hope everyone had a great October. As far as names go, just like last month, Ava had the best month among female names. And fighting his way back to the top spot is Jack, who was slightly edged out by Benjamin (#2 in October) in September. The runner-up in female names is Elizabeth, followed by Hannah, Anna and Sophie. For the boys, Benjamin is trailed by James, Owen and Simon.

Our top blocked names were mostly male in October, with only two female names (Anna and Rachel) making the top 10. The male-dominated blocked list includes Reid, Brayden, Vaughn, Levi and Brady.

The top emailed names in October were Benjamin, Ava, Jack, Noah and Owen. And names most often suggested by Nymbler include Rachel, Sarah, Anna and Max.

Another "Top 10 Names" list we compiled is made up of the names that are manually added to inspirations, but Nymbler doesn’t have enough information about quite yet. That top 10 list looks like this:


We can only guess that Mila is becoming popular because of actress Milla Jovovich (and she’s due this weekend!) Zara might be gaining speed because of the clothing line of the same name that is becoming more popular. Gray might be rising because of television's Grey's Anatomy. And we have a feeling Tegan is requested because of the sister-singing sensation Tegan and Sara.

What names do you wish Nymbler knew? Let us know so we can add them to our "Names to teach Nymbler" list.