Friday, October 26, 2007

What OTHER baby name sites?

Yes, there are other baby name sites out there. And yes, we admittedly look at a few of them from time to time. Don't get us wrong, Nymbler is by far our favorite. And in our bias opinion, it's the best baby name tool around. But, there are a few baby name sites that are fun to play with. Here are a look at the best from around the web and around the world.

Baby Name Wizard – Developed by Nymbler's own Laura Wattenberg, this is one of the best baby name tools out there. We just love the way it charts the names. This one will definitely keep you busy at work on a dull morning.

Baby Name Game
– All the way from the UK, this one caught our eye because of the fun certificates you can print out. While the database doesn't include all names, it can give you a "prediction" of how rich your baby might be when he or she grows up. (Note: It says you need to input your postcode… we just used their example so we could play too!)

Name by Numbers
– It's not exactly a baby name site, but it's still fun. Input your baby’s full name (or prospective full name) and see what the "expression or destiny" of the name is. Also find out the "Soul Urge" number of the name is.

Celebrity Baby Names Blog
– We think it's important to keep up with the Hollywood trends, so we're always sure to read as many blogs as possible. This is one of our top picks since it features news specifically about, as its name implies, celebrity baby names. (There's also a celebrity baby bump watch which we love to check up on.)

Nymbler, and all of these resources, can help you find a name that is perfect for your baby. But, your search shouldn't end with what the numbers say about a name or what the latest baby name craze is on Rodeo Drive. You should choose a name that you and your partner agree on. And when you find that perfect name, chances are you'll know it when you say it.


Guy Davis said...

For those prospective parents not residing in the US, I've built the Baby Name Map showing popular name statistics from Canada, Australia, and parts of Europe, with more countries to come. Hopefully others will find it useful as well.

Anonymous said...

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The Right Baby Name said...

We think is great too! (Although we also like Nymbler!)

The Right Baby Name provides parents with powerful, free tools that makes choosing unique, perfect baby names easy and fun!

Jenny Braden said...

Hey thanks for the link to this tool. I enjoyed it. After using it I stumbled upon another even better one which actually determines if your birth name is the right one for you, so that it provides you with the best luck in life possible. I love it! It's here: Numerology Tools

Baby Name Finder said...

Here's another great baby name research tool I found on the web. It's called and lists a lot of popular and unique baby names plus their meanings and origins especially for expectant moms.