Thursday, October 4, 2007

Nymbler's Other Side

No, Nymbler doesn't have an alternate, darker side. It's just that we’ve also found some new ways people are using Nymbler.

Check out some of these ideas from around the Web and around the Nymbler Nest:

- Over at, Brandy said,
I've been collecting baby name books since I was a little girl because I'm fascinated by names and because they're always handy for naming characters in stories or role-playing games.
Looks like Nymbler is great for all those writer’s blocks out there.

- Candace at says:
The site seems to be intended for naming a child, but is probably a handy tool for soon-to-be dog owners…

- Daphna right here at the Nest suggested putting in your sibling’s names to see what you should’ve been named.

- Also around the office we heard that Kelly has been naming her friends' cars. (The most recent took the name "Mitch.")

What have you named with Nymbler? Or do you have an office game of “weirdest name” going around? If so, let us in on the fun.

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