Friday, October 19, 2007

It’s a two-newspaper town

Boston, that is.

Nymbler is nestled right outside of Boston so we were excited to see this news story. It turns out a couple in Tyler, Texas has named their baby boy after one of our two daily news sources.

According to the Houston Chronicle the baby, born October 8, was named “Boston” after the famous rock band. The middle name came in a moment of inspiration while the couple was watching a TV show that mentioned the Boston Herald. Apparently, “Harold” is a family name on both sides, and so was named “Boston Harold Morgan.”

As for the Boston Globe, well, we’re not giving up yet. We haven’t heard of any babies with the name, but you never know. Although “Herald” and “Globe” aren’t in Nymbler’s database, “Boston” is, along with other city names including Troy, London, Hudson and Austin.

OCT. 26 - UPDATE: With the Boston Red Sox in the World Series now, we wanted to include another story about the "Boston" naming trend. Apparently it's a more popular name that you might have imagined.

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Guy Davis said...

I'm a little surprised at the popularity of the name Boston as well. Interestingly, Boston shows up on the popular name charts in Utah as well as western Canada and southern Australia.