Monday, October 15, 2007

It's Baby-Blog Action Day!

All around the world, all around the web, it's Blog Action Day. So,
we're taking a break from talking about the most popular baby names
today (just one day) to join with more than 11,000 blogs to discuss
the same issue -- the environment.

But how could we stray too far from baby names when we're talking
about our beloved Mother Earth? So, we scoured the web to come up with this handy tip.

Baby Name Books -- We all have them, we all love them. But what good are they when we're finished naming babies? Whatever you do, don't throw them away! Here's a clever idea -- save the book for your child when he or she grows up. Keep all your notes, ideas and annotations in there too! This way you can explain you didn't just pick the first name that came to mind.

If you'd rather your child not hold grudges on why their name is
"Michelle" instead of "Melissa," here are some other ideas.

Hand it off to a friend or family member. Or, donate it to a library.
If you're the auctioning type, resell your book on eBay, or
Amazon. As a last resort, you can always take it to your local
recycling center

There are recycling centers for more than just books out there. If
you're thinking it's time to replace that computer you're Nymblering
on, be sure you don't bury your old PC in the dump.

There are many great programs and ideas out there. Be sure to share your Mother Earth-friendly tips with our team.

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