Friday, October 12, 2007

A Busy September

Results are in from our September Nymblers – that is, folks who have visited the site. Once again we have some interesting data to share…

The top names last month were Ava and Benjamin. These are the names marked as a favorite the most times. Ella was more than 100 votes behind Ava. For the boys it was a tighter race, with Jack only 11 votes short of the top spot.

We saw some new names jump in the popularity ratings as well. For the girls, the biggest gainers were Sanne, Farrah, Peggy and Clotilde. The boys’ fastest movers were Konner, Sven, Tyme and Nigel.

New names that had never been marked as favorites before included Missy, Sotiria, Wilhelm, Milan and Peta. In contrast, those that saw no love include Corey, Justice, Sandrine and Chancellor.

Our most recent feature addition was the “Blocked Names” list. From the looks of it, either we’re all searching for girl names or we’re just more picky about them.

So what names end up on that list most often? (The number after indicates the total number of times blocked.)
Reid (655)
Victoria (644)
Anna (641)
Ivy (606)
Lena (602)
Naomi (599)
Rachel (599)
Antonia (598)
Sarah (581)
Rebecca (579)

The true measure of names that must be the top favorites are those e-mailed to friends and family. Most often the top names are the most e-mailed, and they are:

We were surprised to see Reid end up on both the “Top Blocked” and “Top Emailed” lists. We figured it would be one or the other. But that’s the best part of Nymbler, you never know what names you’ll end up with.

What Nymbler suggestions have surprised you most? Finnegan? Arwen? Whisper? Let us know!

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