Friday, October 26, 2007

What OTHER baby name sites?

Yes, there are other baby name sites out there. And yes, we admittedly look at a few of them from time to time. Don't get us wrong, Nymbler is by far our favorite. And in our bias opinion, it's the best baby name tool around. But, there are a few baby name sites that are fun to play with. Here are a look at the best from around the web and around the world.

Baby Name Wizard – Developed by Nymbler's own Laura Wattenberg, this is one of the best baby name tools out there. We just love the way it charts the names. This one will definitely keep you busy at work on a dull morning.

Baby Name Game
– All the way from the UK, this one caught our eye because of the fun certificates you can print out. While the database doesn't include all names, it can give you a "prediction" of how rich your baby might be when he or she grows up. (Note: It says you need to input your postcode… we just used their example so we could play too!)

Name by Numbers
– It's not exactly a baby name site, but it's still fun. Input your baby’s full name (or prospective full name) and see what the "expression or destiny" of the name is. Also find out the "Soul Urge" number of the name is.

Celebrity Baby Names Blog
– We think it's important to keep up with the Hollywood trends, so we're always sure to read as many blogs as possible. This is one of our top picks since it features news specifically about, as its name implies, celebrity baby names. (There's also a celebrity baby bump watch which we love to check up on.)

Nymbler, and all of these resources, can help you find a name that is perfect for your baby. But, your search shouldn't end with what the numbers say about a name or what the latest baby name craze is on Rodeo Drive. You should choose a name that you and your partner agree on. And when you find that perfect name, chances are you'll know it when you say it.

Friday, October 19, 2007

It’s a two-newspaper town

Boston, that is.

Nymbler is nestled right outside of Boston so we were excited to see this news story. It turns out a couple in Tyler, Texas has named their baby boy after one of our two daily news sources.

According to the Houston Chronicle the baby, born October 8, was named “Boston” after the famous rock band. The middle name came in a moment of inspiration while the couple was watching a TV show that mentioned the Boston Herald. Apparently, “Harold” is a family name on both sides, and so was named “Boston Harold Morgan.”

As for the Boston Globe, well, we’re not giving up yet. We haven’t heard of any babies with the name, but you never know. Although “Herald” and “Globe” aren’t in Nymbler’s database, “Boston” is, along with other city names including Troy, London, Hudson and Austin.

OCT. 26 - UPDATE: With the Boston Red Sox in the World Series now, we wanted to include another story about the "Boston" naming trend. Apparently it's a more popular name that you might have imagined.

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's Baby-Blog Action Day!

All around the world, all around the web, it's Blog Action Day. So,
we're taking a break from talking about the most popular baby names
today (just one day) to join with more than 11,000 blogs to discuss
the same issue -- the environment.

But how could we stray too far from baby names when we're talking
about our beloved Mother Earth? So, we scoured the web to come up with this handy tip.

Baby Name Books -- We all have them, we all love them. But what good are they when we're finished naming babies? Whatever you do, don't throw them away! Here's a clever idea -- save the book for your child when he or she grows up. Keep all your notes, ideas and annotations in there too! This way you can explain you didn't just pick the first name that came to mind.

If you'd rather your child not hold grudges on why their name is
"Michelle" instead of "Melissa," here are some other ideas.

Hand it off to a friend or family member. Or, donate it to a library.
If you're the auctioning type, resell your book on eBay, or
Amazon. As a last resort, you can always take it to your local
recycling center

There are recycling centers for more than just books out there. If
you're thinking it's time to replace that computer you're Nymblering
on, be sure you don't bury your old PC in the dump.

There are many great programs and ideas out there. Be sure to share your Mother Earth-friendly tips with our team.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Busy September

Results are in from our September Nymblers – that is, folks who have visited the site. Once again we have some interesting data to share…

The top names last month were Ava and Benjamin. These are the names marked as a favorite the most times. Ella was more than 100 votes behind Ava. For the boys it was a tighter race, with Jack only 11 votes short of the top spot.

We saw some new names jump in the popularity ratings as well. For the girls, the biggest gainers were Sanne, Farrah, Peggy and Clotilde. The boys’ fastest movers were Konner, Sven, Tyme and Nigel.

New names that had never been marked as favorites before included Missy, Sotiria, Wilhelm, Milan and Peta. In contrast, those that saw no love include Corey, Justice, Sandrine and Chancellor.

Our most recent feature addition was the “Blocked Names” list. From the looks of it, either we’re all searching for girl names or we’re just more picky about them.

So what names end up on that list most often? (The number after indicates the total number of times blocked.)
Reid (655)
Victoria (644)
Anna (641)
Ivy (606)
Lena (602)
Naomi (599)
Rachel (599)
Antonia (598)
Sarah (581)
Rebecca (579)

The true measure of names that must be the top favorites are those e-mailed to friends and family. Most often the top names are the most e-mailed, and they are:

We were surprised to see Reid end up on both the “Top Blocked” and “Top Emailed” lists. We figured it would be one or the other. But that’s the best part of Nymbler, you never know what names you’ll end up with.

What Nymbler suggestions have surprised you most? Finnegan? Arwen? Whisper? Let us know!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Nymbler's Other Side

No, Nymbler doesn't have an alternate, darker side. It's just that we’ve also found some new ways people are using Nymbler.

Check out some of these ideas from around the Web and around the Nymbler Nest:

- Over at, Brandy said,
I've been collecting baby name books since I was a little girl because I'm fascinated by names and because they're always handy for naming characters in stories or role-playing games.
Looks like Nymbler is great for all those writer’s blocks out there.

- Candace at says:
The site seems to be intended for naming a child, but is probably a handy tool for soon-to-be dog owners…

- Daphna right here at the Nest suggested putting in your sibling’s names to see what you should’ve been named.

- Also around the office we heard that Kelly has been naming her friends' cars. (The most recent took the name "Mitch.")

What have you named with Nymbler? Or do you have an office game of “weirdest name” going around? If so, let us in on the fun.