Friday, September 21, 2007

The Twin Test

We’ve mentioned before that one of Nymbler’s many talents is finding sibling names. So, when we came across a list of the most popular twin names of 2006, we decided to put Nymbler to a test.

The Challenge: Put in one name and see if its match (according to the list) appears as a suggestion.

The List:
According to the Social Security Administration this is the top ten list of twin names given in 2006. (The number shows how many times the pair was used.)

1. Jacob / Joshua (67)
2. Matthew / Michael (54)
3. Daniel / David (52)
4. Ella / Emma (38)
5. Isaac / Isaiah (38)
6. Madison / Morgan (36)
7. Landon / Logan (35)
8. Taylor / Tyler (35)
9. Brandon / Bryan (34)
10. Christian / Christopher (33)

The Results:
Four sets of the names showed up as matches for each other in the first try. Three sets showed up on the second page. Another two showed up on the third page. And only one set (Brandon/Bryan) didn’t appear in the first five pages of results.

Nymbler’s Conclusions:
We learned a few things after our little test. First, we saw that Americans stick to a twin naming recipe for boys more than girls. (Eight out the top ten twin pairs are male.)

Second, we learned Nymbler is thinking along the same lines as you. And we’re excited to know we’re on the right track.

Big things are developing here at Nymbler. Continue checking in to see what the fall holds for “Your Personal Baby Name Assistant.”

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