Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nymbler is missing my name!

Here at Nymbler we get e-mails all the time about names, spellings and gender differences you wished were in our database. While we’ve included more than 6,000 names, there are some great names coming across our desks every day.

Some gender differences include:
Indigo – as a girl’s name, not just for boys.
Harper – as a boy’s name, not just for girls.
Sky – also for a boy, as in short for “Schyler.”
Karol – for a boy too. (One Nymbler user reminded us it was the given name of Pope John Paul II.)

Some suggested names to add:
Calder (boy)

Not only do we look at names you e-mail to us, we also see all the names our users enter that they don’t find in the database. Here’s a list of the top ten names you’ve requested that Nymbler hasn’t learned about. (The number after the name is the total number of times it has been requested.)

1. Scout (21)
2. Finnegan (12)
3. Lennon (12)
4. Gray (11)
5. Arwen (11)
6. Zara (10)
7. Zach (9)
8. Zahara (8)
9. Tegan (8)
10. Eben (8)

Just because these (and many other) names didn’t make Nymbler’s list, don’t worry… they’re still great names. And remember, Nymbler will continue to grow.

Here are some other interesting names Nymbler users have entered:

What names do you wish Nymbler had included in the database? Share your favorite names and any information you have about them right here in our blog. We’re listening and your contributions will help us increase the size of Nymbler’s name list.


Bethany said...

Here's a few I've wondered about.

Seren, welsh meaning Star
Ailis, a scotish form of Alice (my cousin's name)
Taliesin, celtic sometimes translated bard
and Briallan, welsh meaning briar rose

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