Friday, September 28, 2007

How about them Cubbies?

We’ve heard of babies named after celebrities and film characters. And there’s the new trend of naming your children after cities we’ve never been to (Paris, Brooklyn, Madison.) And recently to-be parents have made the news with names like “@” and “4Real.”

But here’s something different: Wrigley.

Yes, as in the infamous Wrigley family -- the gum, the building and the stadium where the Chicago Cubs play all their home games.

And is it a bad first name? No, not really. But when you pair it with the last name Fields, it becomes “Wrigley Fields.” The new parents, devoted Cubs fans, actually have been planning the name for 15 years.

Dad says “he can go by his middle name if he wants to… we’ll go with Wrigley for now.” Wrigley’s middle name is Alexander.

What do you think? Is your baby's name the place to show your fanaticism?

1 comment:

Apple Pie said...

aw, I think it's kind of a cute name, fanaticism issues aside.

"Wrigley" = "Wriggly," as in "you wriggley toddler...."

Ok, maybe it's just me. At least Alexander is an easy fallback.