Friday, September 28, 2007

How about them Cubbies?

We’ve heard of babies named after celebrities and film characters. And there’s the new trend of naming your children after cities we’ve never been to (Paris, Brooklyn, Madison.) And recently to-be parents have made the news with names like “@” and “4Real.”

But here’s something different: Wrigley.

Yes, as in the infamous Wrigley family -- the gum, the building and the stadium where the Chicago Cubs play all their home games.

And is it a bad first name? No, not really. But when you pair it with the last name Fields, it becomes “Wrigley Fields.” The new parents, devoted Cubs fans, actually have been planning the name for 15 years.

Dad says “he can go by his middle name if he wants to… we’ll go with Wrigley for now.” Wrigley’s middle name is Alexander.

What do you think? Is your baby's name the place to show your fanaticism?

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Twin Test

We’ve mentioned before that one of Nymbler’s many talents is finding sibling names. So, when we came across a list of the most popular twin names of 2006, we decided to put Nymbler to a test.

The Challenge: Put in one name and see if its match (according to the list) appears as a suggestion.

The List:
According to the Social Security Administration this is the top ten list of twin names given in 2006. (The number shows how many times the pair was used.)

1. Jacob / Joshua (67)
2. Matthew / Michael (54)
3. Daniel / David (52)
4. Ella / Emma (38)
5. Isaac / Isaiah (38)
6. Madison / Morgan (36)
7. Landon / Logan (35)
8. Taylor / Tyler (35)
9. Brandon / Bryan (34)
10. Christian / Christopher (33)

The Results:
Four sets of the names showed up as matches for each other in the first try. Three sets showed up on the second page. Another two showed up on the third page. And only one set (Brandon/Bryan) didn’t appear in the first five pages of results.

Nymbler’s Conclusions:
We learned a few things after our little test. First, we saw that Americans stick to a twin naming recipe for boys more than girls. (Eight out the top ten twin pairs are male.)

Second, we learned Nymbler is thinking along the same lines as you. And we’re excited to know we’re on the right track.

Big things are developing here at Nymbler. Continue checking in to see what the fall holds for “Your Personal Baby Name Assistant.”

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Choosing a name is hard work

When you’re planning for a new baby, there are a million things to think about. And while we think choosing a name is one of the most fun parts, it can also seem to be the most daunting.

So, to help make the naming process even more fun, we’ve put together a list of naming tips from around the Nymbler office. Here’s what we’ve come up with so far:

1. The Laundry List: First, brainstorm and think of all the names you like. Make a list. Then, make a separate list of all the names you dislike. Have your partner do the same and compare lists. You may find some common names on each. Or, you may find some difference in opinion that may help you narrow down your choices.

2. Name Tests: We’ve written about the presidential test, the judicial test and the cyber-space test. But don’t limit your baby to just those categories. You never know, your son or daughter could grow up to be a rock star, an astronaut or a journalist for the New York Times. If you only like your favorite name in one of these situations, think twice before pigeonholing your baby into a career.

3. The Full Name: Write it down, say it aloud, yell it across the back yard. If you can imagine yourself sounding like a broken record as you tell your son or daughter to clean their room, then you might have found a winner. Saying the full name will also eliminate problems such as rhyming names or too much alliteration.

4. Take your Time: Who says you have to have your mind made up? You don’t name a puppy without seeing it, so why your baby. Have your list narrowed down and make your decision when you hold your baby for the first time. If the name is right, you’ll feel it.

Do you have name tips you are sticking to? How does a name make it to your “top names list?” Share your name tips with Nymbler.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nymbler is missing my name!

Here at Nymbler we get e-mails all the time about names, spellings and gender differences you wished were in our database. While we’ve included more than 6,000 names, there are some great names coming across our desks every day.

Some gender differences include:
Indigo – as a girl’s name, not just for boys.
Harper – as a boy’s name, not just for girls.
Sky – also for a boy, as in short for “Schyler.”
Karol – for a boy too. (One Nymbler user reminded us it was the given name of Pope John Paul II.)

Some suggested names to add:
Calder (boy)

Not only do we look at names you e-mail to us, we also see all the names our users enter that they don’t find in the database. Here’s a list of the top ten names you’ve requested that Nymbler hasn’t learned about. (The number after the name is the total number of times it has been requested.)

1. Scout (21)
2. Finnegan (12)
3. Lennon (12)
4. Gray (11)
5. Arwen (11)
6. Zara (10)
7. Zach (9)
8. Zahara (8)
9. Tegan (8)
10. Eben (8)

Just because these (and many other) names didn’t make Nymbler’s list, don’t worry… they’re still great names. And remember, Nymbler will continue to grow.

Here are some other interesting names Nymbler users have entered:

What names do you wish Nymbler had included in the database? Share your favorite names and any information you have about them right here in our blog. We’re listening and your contributions will help us increase the size of Nymbler’s name list.