Friday, August 31, 2007

Nymbler’s guilty pleasure

We have to admit… we’re addicted to celebrity baby gossip! Important topics we think about:

· We’d like to stick a pin in Salma Hayek – she's ready to pop
· We think Nicole Richie looks pretty, happy and healthy – a welcome change
· Christina Aguilera - baby bump?
· And, we think Elizabeth Hasselbeck should consider having the baby on The View, then we'll all be a part of it.

And being based in Massachusetts, we couldn’t help but notice the buzz about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan’s (Coyote Ugly; I, Robot) new baby. While the newspapers and radio talk shows have been filled with different reports on what the baby’s name is, we’ve heard it is Jonathan Edward Thomas Moynahan.

This name is a little more calm than others we’ve heard recently. Here is the short list of names that caught our attention.

· Jacinda Barrett (The Last Kiss) & Gabriel Macht (The Good Shepherd) – Satine Anais Geraldine
· Jenna Elfman (Dharma & Greg) & Bodhi Elfman – Story Elias
· Naomi Watts (King Kong, I Heart Huckabees) and boyfriend Liev Schreiber (The Manchurian Candidate, The Painted Veil) – Alexander Pete
· Grant Hill (Phoenix Suns) & Tamia (R&B singer) – Lael Rose

What’s your favorite celebrity baby name – Suri, Pilot Inspektor, Apple?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yet another baby name test

There’s the presidential test, – President insert baby’s namethe judicial test – Supreme Court Justice insert baby’s name – and now we can add one more to the list: the Internet test – www.insertbaby’

According to the Associated Press, some parents are leaving the hospital with a new baby and a new Internet domain to take care of. In fact, one parent interviewed said that was a requirement for names he and his wife liked – they must have an available .com.

But it doesn’t stop there. Some parents are registering e-mail addresses in baby’s names too. Maybe it will help stop the annoying and forgettable numeric phrase found at the end of most e-mail addresses, but does it leave children with any privacy?

Perhaps purchasing your baby’s name as their own personal domain may serve them in the future, but there is also an opportunity to serve your family now. Everyone who wants to see pictures of the new baby will know the name, so why not post a password-protected photo site to share with all your friends and family.

Many services including offer baby blogs for parents to share updates on their newest addition. Purchasing your baby’s name as the domain might just be one way for the family to easily remember where to go.

Do web sites raise privacy concerns for your baby? Or is a baby's blog a useful tool to share baby updates with loved ones?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

“@! Clean your room!”

We recently wrote about a New Zealand couple wanting to name their baby “4Real.” It seems a Chinese couple is trying to one up them with the baby name “@,” pronounced “ai-ta.”

According to Reuters News, the parents said the Chinese translation of the common e-mail symbol is “love him,” a sentiment obviously felt for their child.

The Chinese language has no alphabet but instead uses thousands of complex characters to represent words. Nonetheless, “@” is an extreme example of people’s new exploratory approach to the language according to the State Language Commission deputy chief.

While we don’t think “@,” “&” or “#” will be added to the Nymbler database anytime soon, this naming conundrum is still quite interesting. In a society where language is represented by characters, is “@” pushing the limits too far?

And what would the American equivalent be? Pronouns? Product names? Phonetic spellings? While this could lead to some strange names, maybe that's part of the beauty of America - you can name your baby whatever you wish.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Drumroll, please: Nymbler's Favorite Story

That's right, the time has come for Nymbler to announce it's favorite baby story of those submitted to the blog.

And the top story is....
"Getting Through the Supreme Court."

Truth be told, everyone here at the Nymbler Nest had a hard time choosing which story to pick. All the stories were great and the time put into capturing the process of choosing a name was definitely evident.

If you haven't read all the stories, go back and look at the comments a few posts back, they're worth a read. Who knows, you might find inspiration there.

And right now, check out our top pick, "Getting Through the Supreme Court."

DH and I contemplated our daughter's name for months. We're both drawn to classic names, and had further agreed that any name we chose would have to meet two criteria: It had to have several nickname choices and (most importantly) would have to pass the "Supreme Court justice" test. In other words, could we imagine the name sounding good with a professional title? Supreme Court Justice Tiffani Heaven, for instance, just made us giggle.

(Not that we have any intention of pressing our daughter towards any particular career or range of careers. We just want to make sure she can fit in anywhere, namewise.)

The nickname issue was particularly important to us because we want our kid(s) to be able to choose their own nickname if they want to. My husband had done so as a kid, and I think it really helped him find his sense of self.

With regard to middle names, we were much more willing to choose something offbeat. I also wanted a name that would somehow reflect my own name, since I had (grudgingly and reluctantly) agreed that the baby would carry DH's last name. Since I have a celtic-sounding middle name that starts with "A," (Alanna), we decided we'd find similar names for our daughter.

Going into the hospital, we had two front-runner names, and had decided we'd meet the baby before naming her. When she was born, there was no doubt as to her name -- Margaret Alys. We call her Maggie.

Our runner-up name was Katherine Aine.

Is this your story? If so e-mail Nymbler right away. We need your contact information! Did you submit one of the other stories before the contest ended? Go ahead and send your contact info too. We loved all the stories so much, we want to send "Nymbler Special Deliveries" to everyone!