Monday, July 16, 2007

Send us your baby name stories

So, you finally settled on a first name. And you have a middle name too. Maybe you have girl and boy names picked. And then you have alternates, just in case you change your minds.

Or maybe you already found the perfect name.

Whether you're still searching, or your minds are made up, we want to hear your story.

The Nymbler Team will pick our top 3 favorites to receive their own "Nymbler Special Delivery."

What are you waiting for? Share your baby name story with the Nymbler community in our comments section.


Megan said...

While pregnant with my first child, I wanted to choose a name that had unique qualities, but would also honor my family. For a good portion of the nine months, I thought I would name my son Jesse, after my mother's father. He passed away before I was born, but I've heard many stories about what an honorable, loving family man he was. Pictures conveyed his rugged handsomeness -- jet black hair, and a solid build. When my son was born, he looked like such a soft, gentle being -- as I suppose all babies do! -- with white blond hair and bright blue eyes. He just didn't look like a Jesse at all! Three days later we settled on my backup name of Gunnar, and we chose my grandfather's surname of Morgan as the middle name. Now I am six weeks pregnant and am contemplating my name choices. Of course it is a little early, since I don't even know the sex of the baby. While surfing around on, I came across Nymbler. I typed in Gunnar for inspiration, and selected "girl" for the sex of my baby (wishful thinking maybe?). The program brought up really cool German and Scandinavian names that are unique yet somewhat traditional. Some of the names I like so far are Gretchen and Anneliese. They are feminine without being too cutesy. Luckily this time around I will have a bunch of backup names from which to choose, in case the baby just doesn't "look" like a Gretchen -- or in case it's a boy!

Megan said...

Yes, another "Megan"! I'm not the one who posted first, so don't get confused :)

Here's my story:

I fall in love with different and unique names often, but I have found some that have stuck with me over time. Although I'm not expecting a baby very soon, a lot of thought has been put into the names I hope to one day use in the future. Here's just a couple "sample" names that I have enjoyed keeping "in the back of my mind", if and when I do have children:

Asher (Hebrew origin, meaning Laughter), Jude (Hebrew origin, meaning Celebrated), Jonas (Greek for the Hebrew name "Jonah", meaning Dove), Silas (Latin origin, A contraction of Silvanus; meaning, A god of forests), Andrew (Greek origin, meaning Manly), Joanna (Hebrew origin, meaning God favored), Journey (self-explanatory; English origin, meaning Journey), Esther-Ruth (Esther: Persian origin, meaning Star. Ruth: Hebrew origin, meaning Friend).

As you can tell, I have quite a list of names for my future reference (and that's not even half of them!). I believe that children are a blessing and I'd be happy with however many, or however little, the Lord decides to bless me and my husband with. One of those names that I listed above, was just a recent addition to my collection...

It was "Journey", for a girl. Now I thought this name would present a good Christian parallelism or allegory that someone could use in a child's life. For instance... tying in the first name with the middle name, such as Journey Aleah (meaning, the journey to ascend. Aleah = To ascend; to go up). Another, which is probably not as good as the first one, is Journey Elienai (meaning, God are my eyes on the journey. Elienai = God is my eyes. Or you could say: the Lord will guide me on my journey). Like I said, the first one is better ;) This is what I enjoy! Tying in first and middle names that mean something and glorify the Lord; and are not "just labels" for individuals! Here's a couple that I've already done for my future reference (note: Dawne is derived from the Old English, but all the others are Hebrew):

Delilah Ruth = Delicate Companion
Shayna Dawne = Beautiful Dawn
Jude Malachi = Praised Messenger
Nekoda Boaz = A herdman, swift and strong
and my newest addition:
Journey Aleah = The Journey to Ascend

I believe there is an importance in naming your child with a "purpose". Something more than just a "label" for your child. Something that means something to you, your family, friends, and especially for your child. Naming your child defines who she or he might become. It's more than a name.

Thank you for taking the time in reading my "name story"! - Megan, CA, USA

Anonymous said...

DH and I contemplated our daughter's name for months. We're both drawn to classic names, and had further agreed that any name we chose would have to meet two criteria: It had to have several nickname choices and (most importantly) would have to pass the "Supreme Court justice" test. In other words, could we imagine the name sounding good with a professional title? Supreme Court Justice Tiffani Heaven, for instance, just made us giggle.

(not that we have any intention of pressing our daughter towards any particular career or range of careers. We just want to make sure she can fit in anywhere, namewise).

The nickname issue was particularly important to us because we want our kid(s) to be able to choose their own nickname if they want to. My husband had done so as a kid, and I think it really helped him find his sense of self.

With regard to middle names, we were much more willing to choose something offbeat. I also wanted a name that would somehow reflect my own name, since I had (grudgingly and reluctantly) agreed that the baby would carry DH's last name. Since I have a celtic-sounding middle name that starts with "A," (Alanna), we decided we'd find similar names for our daughter.

Going into the hospital, we had two front-runner names, and had decided we'd meet the baby before naming her. When she was born, there was no doubt as to her name -- Margaret Alys. We call her Maggie.

Our runner-up name was Katherine Aine.

Tirzah said...

Hey Nymbler, did you already close the contest? I don't see a final entry date posted. Here's my entry:

I named my first daughter Phoenix after the Chinese phoenix bird. (My daughters are half Chinese/half Japanese.) The Phoenix bird is symbolic of the Empress and represents beauty and peace. It's also a common Chinese girl's name (in translation, of course.) I love it because it has ties to her ethnic heritage, yet it is easy to spell and pronounce.

I named my second daughter Indigo after the color used traditionally in Japanese arts. This was a much harder decision because the name had to match Phoenix, i.e., it couldn't be too frilly or too common. I focused mostly on nature names, since both Japanese and Chinese girls' names tend to refer to the natural world (e.g., Plum Blossom, Spring Phoenix, Golden Lily). Phoenix, then 3 years old, wanted to name her new sister Butterfly. Cute, but not very strong. (Plus, the nickname "but" wouldn't fly. ;) We ultimately chose Indigo for the same reasons we choose Phoenix. It's a name with beautiful associations that has a tie to her ethnic background. Plus, I love the nickname Indie!

Anonymous said...

In 1986 I named my daughter Tyler under a haze of recovering from a C-Section (I was set on Allison or Alexandra picked out for a girl). Her middle name is Allison.

She thinks Tyler is a horrible and ridiculous name for a girl. Did you know there is a Yahoo group for "girls named Tyler"? She recently told me about this email group.

Now that she is a young woman I am not happy with the name anymore, I think it is a silly sounding name for an adult. Cute sounding androgynous names are outgrown.

Ruth Callahan

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed, Megan. Hahaha. My name is "Katherine Aine" and I think it would be good if you name your baby Katherine Aine too. LOL. I totally love making up names for my future kids and I came up with a list, it's quite addictive, I admit. :)) I already have in mind to always give my kids names that start with "K", BTW.

Keith Andrei - boy
Kristina Coleen - girl
Kristoffer Ethan - boy

these are just a few. Uhm, I don't think I'd be using all the names I've made up, though. Haha.