Friday, July 6, 2007

Nymbler's Top Names

According to the Social Security Administration, the top names of 2006 were Emily and Jacob.

But here at Nymbler, we think things have changed in the first six months of 2007.

Of all the names added to “My Favorites,” Ava tops the list for the ladies and Jack is the top boy’s name pick. Following Ava is Charlotte, Sophie, Elizabeth and Lily. The boy’s top 5 continues with Benjamin, Owen, Max and Noah.

We found lots of other data too. Here’s a look at the top boy’s and girl’s names in a few different Nymbler categories:

  • Names Most Frequently E-mailed: Ella & Benjamin

  • Names Most Frequently Listed as Inspirations: Elizabeth & Jack

  • Names Most Information Requested for: Ava & Jack
  • Names Most Frequently Suggested by Nymbler: Rachel & Max
  • Names Most Frequently Added to Inspirations: Ava & Jack

According to all our information Jack and Ava seem to be the most common names on

What do you think? Will Jack and Ava top the 2007 list of favorite names?

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Whitney said...

I live in a great community in Birmingham, AL. So far, we have close to 100 homes in our little portion of the neighborhood, and there are are FOUR babies named Ava!!! It's a beautiful name, but I now know what I will NOT name my baby! :-)