Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The feature you've been waiting for!

That’s right, Nymbler just learned a new skill. It’s the “Block this Name” trick.

After hearing much feedback from you, we’ve retrained Nymbler and now you can block names from showing up in your search. Just use the button to add a name to your “blocked names” list. So, if you hate the name “Bart” because it reminds you of The Simpsons, just click the .

If you notice something else different, you’re right. That’s because the button has replaced the button. To find out all the information about a name, just simply click the name. So, if you just finished the newest Harry Potter, and you’re wondering where exactly “Harry” originated, just click on “Harry” and you’ll learn it’s an English name with a jazz-age spirit.

Your feedback was a big part of this update, so keep those comments coming. Leave comments right here in the blog or e-mail us at thenest@nymbler.com.

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