Friday, December 7, 2007

November's Most Popular Baby Names

We've done it again! We looked what all Nymbler users were searching for during November. We're seeing some overall trends of 2007 here, but you'll have to wait till after the holidays to see what Nymbler's top names of 2007 were.

During November, there were more than 25,000 Nymbler users emailing, adding, blocking and seeking more information about names. Here's our overall Top Ten:

1. Ava
2. Jack
3. Benjamin
4. Hannah
5. Elizabeth
6. Sophie
7. Owen
8. Olivia
9. Charlotte
10. Abigail

Where are the boys at? It looks like everyone is expecting (or hoping for a little girl.) Other boys' names that just missed out overall top ten are Noah, James, Reid and Gabriel.

So what are the top blocked names? Well the leader is a boy's name that just missed the top ten. Here's our blocked names Top Ten:

1. Reid
2. Brayden
3. Lena
4. Victoria
5. Anna
6. Kenyatta (male)
7. Brady
8. Jack
9. Kwame
10. Hayden (male)

Again, it looks like girls' names are getting more love than male names. Maybe we're all just pickier when it comes to our little boys. We were surprised to find Jack in the list of the top blocked names. He was #1 last month for the guys!

Lastly, we've found that many Nymbler users start off knowing the names they'd like to use for inspiration. We add those to our "User Inspiration" list. Here's our inspired Nymbler users' Top Ten:

1. Grace
2. Ava
3. Elizabeth
4. Olivia
5. Jack
6. James
7. Henry
8. Emma
9. William
10. Noah

Looks like Nymbler users know what they want. And your own inspirations have factored into our Top Ten list overall. It just may be that the Nymbler karma of adding your own name is rubbing off on other Nymbler users.

Is your favorite name missing from the Top Ten? Or is there a name you hate on our top ten that you can't wait to see on the blocked list? Get over to Nymbler right away and start e-mailing those names around.

Friday, November 30, 2007

It's time to get (un)inspired

We blog a lot about where to look for baby name inspiration. From football stars to relatives to celebrities, it seems name ideas are everywhere you look.

But what about those times you’re not looking for your baby name muse to put the perfect name in your head? What about those times when you want to knock names out of the running?

To help out with this, we put together a list of un-inspiring situations. It’s those times you’ll want to listen up for names you might want to weed out of your potential name collection.

The New Neighborhood. You just moved in, so the neighbors, and their new baby, swing by with a Jello Mold to welcome you. Listen closely to the name of that little one. It could get plain confusing when Kate comes over to play with your Kate. Or Justin is out back playing ball with your Justin. We’re confused already!

Your Favorite Places. When you’re out at the mall or walking by the local playground, listen up for those names that are shouted out as little ones bounce too far away from mom. “Davis, come here!” “Madison, stay with Mommy!” You can’t change other children’s names, so if you’re seeking a unique name, don’t look for inspiration by the jungle gym.

Your Morning Read. Whether on the train or on the back porch, look at that newspaper. Most newspapers publish birth announcements weekly, so check out who’s who in your hospital’s nursery. (If you can’t find it in the paper, some hospitals have online nurseries you can peek into.)

The Dirty Dog Salon. You may really like the name Roman. Just remember, as a child your spouse had a puppy called Roman. And that four-legged stigma will probably always go right along with the name. Besides when neighbors holler “Lassie!” from the front porch, you don’t want your little one to run to their doorstep.

Where do you look to get uninspired? Old yearbooks? History documentaries? Let us know!

(Also, be sure to check in next week. We’ll be recapping November’s top names. It might be a close race! See if you can predict Nymbler's most popular names.)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Are you ready for some football?! Baby name-style!

Football season is in full swing. And while we're not exactly following all the games, we are always checking out the names that are making headlines. You never know where you'll find baby name inspiration. And with more and more searching for unique baby boy names, why not look to the roster of your favorite team?

While you can find out the standings of your favorite team, it takes a little more digging to find out how their quarterbacks match up against one another. So, we've done the work for you. No, we didn't compare passing yards and touchdowns. We compared their first names, of course!

So here it is, the top ten NFL teams' quarterbacks face off to see where their names rank. (Teams are listed in NFL rank.)

New England Patriots – Tom Brady
His team may be first, but his name isn't! Tom peaked in 1959 and currently is not ranked in the top 1000 baby names. (His full name is Thomas which comes in at #40)

Dallas Cowboys – Tony Romo
Tony peaked soon after in 1961 and is currently #320. (Although it's usually a nickname for Anthony, Tony's full name is Antonio which is ranked #92.)

Green Bay Packers – Brett Favre
Most popular in 1986, Brett is currently #242 and dropping at about a 25% rate.

Indianapolis Colts – Peyton Manning

Now at #138, Peyton is at its highest rank ever among boys’ names. (Maybe that's due in part to Manning's 10-year career – the name is still climbing at about a 60% rate!)

Pittsburgh Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger
It was at its peak in 1918, but today Ben comes in at #543 in the top 1000. (Although it's usually a nickname for Benjamin, this QB's full name is just Ben.)

Detroit Lions – Jon Kitna
Currently at #433, Jon hit its peak in 1964 and is declining at a 16% rate. (The more popular John is #18.)

Jacksonville Jaguars – David Garrard
Although it peaked in 1955, David is still ranked in the top 20 boys' names – it's #14.

New York Giants – Eli Manning

Ranked #152, Eli is in its peak and still on the rise. (Looks like the Manning parents had a knack for naming and raising QBs!)

Tennessee Titans – Vince Young
Most popular in 1962, Vince is no longer ranked in the top 1000 boys' names. (It's another nickname too! This QB's full name, Vincent, is #111 and on the rise.)

Buffalo Bills – J.P. (Jonathan Paul) Losman

The first in the bunch to stump Nymbler! J.P. isn't included in our database. (But Jonathan is! It's at #19.)

Did we miss your favorite team or player? Nymbler your top NFL name and let us know where it stands.

Friday, November 2, 2007

October's Most Popular Baby Names

It’s the first Friday of the month, so we’re going to check on some favorite names (and some not so favorite names) according to you, the Nymbler community.

Here at Nymbler we hope everyone had a great October. As far as names go, just like last month, Ava had the best month among female names. And fighting his way back to the top spot is Jack, who was slightly edged out by Benjamin (#2 in October) in September. The runner-up in female names is Elizabeth, followed by Hannah, Anna and Sophie. For the boys, Benjamin is trailed by James, Owen and Simon.

Our top blocked names were mostly male in October, with only two female names (Anna and Rachel) making the top 10. The male-dominated blocked list includes Reid, Brayden, Vaughn, Levi and Brady.

The top emailed names in October were Benjamin, Ava, Jack, Noah and Owen. And names most often suggested by Nymbler include Rachel, Sarah, Anna and Max.

Another "Top 10 Names" list we compiled is made up of the names that are manually added to inspirations, but Nymbler doesn’t have enough information about quite yet. That top 10 list looks like this:


We can only guess that Mila is becoming popular because of actress Milla Jovovich (and she’s due this weekend!) Zara might be gaining speed because of the clothing line of the same name that is becoming more popular. Gray might be rising because of television's Grey's Anatomy. And we have a feeling Tegan is requested because of the sister-singing sensation Tegan and Sara.

What names do you wish Nymbler knew? Let us know so we can add them to our "Names to teach Nymbler" list.

Friday, October 26, 2007

What OTHER baby name sites?

Yes, there are other baby name sites out there. And yes, we admittedly look at a few of them from time to time. Don't get us wrong, Nymbler is by far our favorite. And in our bias opinion, it's the best baby name tool around. But, there are a few baby name sites that are fun to play with. Here are a look at the best from around the web and around the world.

Baby Name Wizard – Developed by Nymbler's own Laura Wattenberg, this is one of the best baby name tools out there. We just love the way it charts the names. This one will definitely keep you busy at work on a dull morning.

Baby Name Game
– All the way from the UK, this one caught our eye because of the fun certificates you can print out. While the database doesn't include all names, it can give you a "prediction" of how rich your baby might be when he or she grows up. (Note: It says you need to input your postcode… we just used their example so we could play too!)

Name by Numbers
– It's not exactly a baby name site, but it's still fun. Input your baby’s full name (or prospective full name) and see what the "expression or destiny" of the name is. Also find out the "Soul Urge" number of the name is.

Celebrity Baby Names Blog
– We think it's important to keep up with the Hollywood trends, so we're always sure to read as many blogs as possible. This is one of our top picks since it features news specifically about, as its name implies, celebrity baby names. (There's also a celebrity baby bump watch which we love to check up on.)

Nymbler, and all of these resources, can help you find a name that is perfect for your baby. But, your search shouldn't end with what the numbers say about a name or what the latest baby name craze is on Rodeo Drive. You should choose a name that you and your partner agree on. And when you find that perfect name, chances are you'll know it when you say it.

Friday, October 19, 2007

It’s a two-newspaper town

Boston, that is.

Nymbler is nestled right outside of Boston so we were excited to see this news story. It turns out a couple in Tyler, Texas has named their baby boy after one of our two daily news sources.

According to the Houston Chronicle the baby, born October 8, was named “Boston” after the famous rock band. The middle name came in a moment of inspiration while the couple was watching a TV show that mentioned the Boston Herald. Apparently, “Harold” is a family name on both sides, and so was named “Boston Harold Morgan.”

As for the Boston Globe, well, we’re not giving up yet. We haven’t heard of any babies with the name, but you never know. Although “Herald” and “Globe” aren’t in Nymbler’s database, “Boston” is, along with other city names including Troy, London, Hudson and Austin.

OCT. 26 - UPDATE: With the Boston Red Sox in the World Series now, we wanted to include another story about the "Boston" naming trend. Apparently it's a more popular name that you might have imagined.

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's Baby-Blog Action Day!

All around the world, all around the web, it's Blog Action Day. So,
we're taking a break from talking about the most popular baby names
today (just one day) to join with more than 11,000 blogs to discuss
the same issue -- the environment.

But how could we stray too far from baby names when we're talking
about our beloved Mother Earth? So, we scoured the web to come up with this handy tip.

Baby Name Books -- We all have them, we all love them. But what good are they when we're finished naming babies? Whatever you do, don't throw them away! Here's a clever idea -- save the book for your child when he or she grows up. Keep all your notes, ideas and annotations in there too! This way you can explain you didn't just pick the first name that came to mind.

If you'd rather your child not hold grudges on why their name is
"Michelle" instead of "Melissa," here are some other ideas.

Hand it off to a friend or family member. Or, donate it to a library.
If you're the auctioning type, resell your book on eBay, or
Amazon. As a last resort, you can always take it to your local
recycling center

There are recycling centers for more than just books out there. If
you're thinking it's time to replace that computer you're Nymblering
on, be sure you don't bury your old PC in the dump.

There are many great programs and ideas out there. Be sure to share your Mother Earth-friendly tips with our team.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Busy September

Results are in from our September Nymblers – that is, folks who have visited the site. Once again we have some interesting data to share…

The top names last month were Ava and Benjamin. These are the names marked as a favorite the most times. Ella was more than 100 votes behind Ava. For the boys it was a tighter race, with Jack only 11 votes short of the top spot.

We saw some new names jump in the popularity ratings as well. For the girls, the biggest gainers were Sanne, Farrah, Peggy and Clotilde. The boys’ fastest movers were Konner, Sven, Tyme and Nigel.

New names that had never been marked as favorites before included Missy, Sotiria, Wilhelm, Milan and Peta. In contrast, those that saw no love include Corey, Justice, Sandrine and Chancellor.

Our most recent feature addition was the “Blocked Names” list. From the looks of it, either we’re all searching for girl names or we’re just more picky about them.

So what names end up on that list most often? (The number after indicates the total number of times blocked.)
Reid (655)
Victoria (644)
Anna (641)
Ivy (606)
Lena (602)
Naomi (599)
Rachel (599)
Antonia (598)
Sarah (581)
Rebecca (579)

The true measure of names that must be the top favorites are those e-mailed to friends and family. Most often the top names are the most e-mailed, and they are:

We were surprised to see Reid end up on both the “Top Blocked” and “Top Emailed” lists. We figured it would be one or the other. But that’s the best part of Nymbler, you never know what names you’ll end up with.

What Nymbler suggestions have surprised you most? Finnegan? Arwen? Whisper? Let us know!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Nymbler's Other Side

No, Nymbler doesn't have an alternate, darker side. It's just that we’ve also found some new ways people are using Nymbler.

Check out some of these ideas from around the Web and around the Nymbler Nest:

- Over at, Brandy said,
I've been collecting baby name books since I was a little girl because I'm fascinated by names and because they're always handy for naming characters in stories or role-playing games.
Looks like Nymbler is great for all those writer’s blocks out there.

- Candace at says:
The site seems to be intended for naming a child, but is probably a handy tool for soon-to-be dog owners…

- Daphna right here at the Nest suggested putting in your sibling’s names to see what you should’ve been named.

- Also around the office we heard that Kelly has been naming her friends' cars. (The most recent took the name "Mitch.")

What have you named with Nymbler? Or do you have an office game of “weirdest name” going around? If so, let us in on the fun.

Friday, September 28, 2007

How about them Cubbies?

We’ve heard of babies named after celebrities and film characters. And there’s the new trend of naming your children after cities we’ve never been to (Paris, Brooklyn, Madison.) And recently to-be parents have made the news with names like “@” and “4Real.”

But here’s something different: Wrigley.

Yes, as in the infamous Wrigley family -- the gum, the building and the stadium where the Chicago Cubs play all their home games.

And is it a bad first name? No, not really. But when you pair it with the last name Fields, it becomes “Wrigley Fields.” The new parents, devoted Cubs fans, actually have been planning the name for 15 years.

Dad says “he can go by his middle name if he wants to… we’ll go with Wrigley for now.” Wrigley’s middle name is Alexander.

What do you think? Is your baby's name the place to show your fanaticism?

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Twin Test

We’ve mentioned before that one of Nymbler’s many talents is finding sibling names. So, when we came across a list of the most popular twin names of 2006, we decided to put Nymbler to a test.

The Challenge: Put in one name and see if its match (according to the list) appears as a suggestion.

The List:
According to the Social Security Administration this is the top ten list of twin names given in 2006. (The number shows how many times the pair was used.)

1. Jacob / Joshua (67)
2. Matthew / Michael (54)
3. Daniel / David (52)
4. Ella / Emma (38)
5. Isaac / Isaiah (38)
6. Madison / Morgan (36)
7. Landon / Logan (35)
8. Taylor / Tyler (35)
9. Brandon / Bryan (34)
10. Christian / Christopher (33)

The Results:
Four sets of the names showed up as matches for each other in the first try. Three sets showed up on the second page. Another two showed up on the third page. And only one set (Brandon/Bryan) didn’t appear in the first five pages of results.

Nymbler’s Conclusions:
We learned a few things after our little test. First, we saw that Americans stick to a twin naming recipe for boys more than girls. (Eight out the top ten twin pairs are male.)

Second, we learned Nymbler is thinking along the same lines as you. And we’re excited to know we’re on the right track.

Big things are developing here at Nymbler. Continue checking in to see what the fall holds for “Your Personal Baby Name Assistant.”

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Choosing a name is hard work

When you’re planning for a new baby, there are a million things to think about. And while we think choosing a name is one of the most fun parts, it can also seem to be the most daunting.

So, to help make the naming process even more fun, we’ve put together a list of naming tips from around the Nymbler office. Here’s what we’ve come up with so far:

1. The Laundry List: First, brainstorm and think of all the names you like. Make a list. Then, make a separate list of all the names you dislike. Have your partner do the same and compare lists. You may find some common names on each. Or, you may find some difference in opinion that may help you narrow down your choices.

2. Name Tests: We’ve written about the presidential test, the judicial test and the cyber-space test. But don’t limit your baby to just those categories. You never know, your son or daughter could grow up to be a rock star, an astronaut or a journalist for the New York Times. If you only like your favorite name in one of these situations, think twice before pigeonholing your baby into a career.

3. The Full Name: Write it down, say it aloud, yell it across the back yard. If you can imagine yourself sounding like a broken record as you tell your son or daughter to clean their room, then you might have found a winner. Saying the full name will also eliminate problems such as rhyming names or too much alliteration.

4. Take your Time: Who says you have to have your mind made up? You don’t name a puppy without seeing it, so why your baby. Have your list narrowed down and make your decision when you hold your baby for the first time. If the name is right, you’ll feel it.

Do you have name tips you are sticking to? How does a name make it to your “top names list?” Share your name tips with Nymbler.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nymbler is missing my name!

Here at Nymbler we get e-mails all the time about names, spellings and gender differences you wished were in our database. While we’ve included more than 6,000 names, there are some great names coming across our desks every day.

Some gender differences include:
Indigo – as a girl’s name, not just for boys.
Harper – as a boy’s name, not just for girls.
Sky – also for a boy, as in short for “Schyler.”
Karol – for a boy too. (One Nymbler user reminded us it was the given name of Pope John Paul II.)

Some suggested names to add:
Calder (boy)

Not only do we look at names you e-mail to us, we also see all the names our users enter that they don’t find in the database. Here’s a list of the top ten names you’ve requested that Nymbler hasn’t learned about. (The number after the name is the total number of times it has been requested.)

1. Scout (21)
2. Finnegan (12)
3. Lennon (12)
4. Gray (11)
5. Arwen (11)
6. Zara (10)
7. Zach (9)
8. Zahara (8)
9. Tegan (8)
10. Eben (8)

Just because these (and many other) names didn’t make Nymbler’s list, don’t worry… they’re still great names. And remember, Nymbler will continue to grow.

Here are some other interesting names Nymbler users have entered:

What names do you wish Nymbler had included in the database? Share your favorite names and any information you have about them right here in our blog. We’re listening and your contributions will help us increase the size of Nymbler’s name list.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Nymbler’s guilty pleasure

We have to admit… we’re addicted to celebrity baby gossip! Important topics we think about:

· We’d like to stick a pin in Salma Hayek – she's ready to pop
· We think Nicole Richie looks pretty, happy and healthy – a welcome change
· Christina Aguilera - baby bump?
· And, we think Elizabeth Hasselbeck should consider having the baby on The View, then we'll all be a part of it.

And being based in Massachusetts, we couldn’t help but notice the buzz about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan’s (Coyote Ugly; I, Robot) new baby. While the newspapers and radio talk shows have been filled with different reports on what the baby’s name is, we’ve heard it is Jonathan Edward Thomas Moynahan.

This name is a little more calm than others we’ve heard recently. Here is the short list of names that caught our attention.

· Jacinda Barrett (The Last Kiss) & Gabriel Macht (The Good Shepherd) – Satine Anais Geraldine
· Jenna Elfman (Dharma & Greg) & Bodhi Elfman – Story Elias
· Naomi Watts (King Kong, I Heart Huckabees) and boyfriend Liev Schreiber (The Manchurian Candidate, The Painted Veil) – Alexander Pete
· Grant Hill (Phoenix Suns) & Tamia (R&B singer) – Lael Rose

What’s your favorite celebrity baby name – Suri, Pilot Inspektor, Apple?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yet another baby name test

There’s the presidential test, – President insert baby’s namethe judicial test – Supreme Court Justice insert baby’s name – and now we can add one more to the list: the Internet test – www.insertbaby’

According to the Associated Press, some parents are leaving the hospital with a new baby and a new Internet domain to take care of. In fact, one parent interviewed said that was a requirement for names he and his wife liked – they must have an available .com.

But it doesn’t stop there. Some parents are registering e-mail addresses in baby’s names too. Maybe it will help stop the annoying and forgettable numeric phrase found at the end of most e-mail addresses, but does it leave children with any privacy?

Perhaps purchasing your baby’s name as their own personal domain may serve them in the future, but there is also an opportunity to serve your family now. Everyone who wants to see pictures of the new baby will know the name, so why not post a password-protected photo site to share with all your friends and family.

Many services including offer baby blogs for parents to share updates on their newest addition. Purchasing your baby’s name as the domain might just be one way for the family to easily remember where to go.

Do web sites raise privacy concerns for your baby? Or is a baby's blog a useful tool to share baby updates with loved ones?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

“@! Clean your room!”

We recently wrote about a New Zealand couple wanting to name their baby “4Real.” It seems a Chinese couple is trying to one up them with the baby name “@,” pronounced “ai-ta.”

According to Reuters News, the parents said the Chinese translation of the common e-mail symbol is “love him,” a sentiment obviously felt for their child.

The Chinese language has no alphabet but instead uses thousands of complex characters to represent words. Nonetheless, “@” is an extreme example of people’s new exploratory approach to the language according to the State Language Commission deputy chief.

While we don’t think “@,” “&” or “#” will be added to the Nymbler database anytime soon, this naming conundrum is still quite interesting. In a society where language is represented by characters, is “@” pushing the limits too far?

And what would the American equivalent be? Pronouns? Product names? Phonetic spellings? While this could lead to some strange names, maybe that's part of the beauty of America - you can name your baby whatever you wish.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Drumroll, please: Nymbler's Favorite Story

That's right, the time has come for Nymbler to announce it's favorite baby story of those submitted to the blog.

And the top story is....
"Getting Through the Supreme Court."

Truth be told, everyone here at the Nymbler Nest had a hard time choosing which story to pick. All the stories were great and the time put into capturing the process of choosing a name was definitely evident.

If you haven't read all the stories, go back and look at the comments a few posts back, they're worth a read. Who knows, you might find inspiration there.

And right now, check out our top pick, "Getting Through the Supreme Court."

DH and I contemplated our daughter's name for months. We're both drawn to classic names, and had further agreed that any name we chose would have to meet two criteria: It had to have several nickname choices and (most importantly) would have to pass the "Supreme Court justice" test. In other words, could we imagine the name sounding good with a professional title? Supreme Court Justice Tiffani Heaven, for instance, just made us giggle.

(Not that we have any intention of pressing our daughter towards any particular career or range of careers. We just want to make sure she can fit in anywhere, namewise.)

The nickname issue was particularly important to us because we want our kid(s) to be able to choose their own nickname if they want to. My husband had done so as a kid, and I think it really helped him find his sense of self.

With regard to middle names, we were much more willing to choose something offbeat. I also wanted a name that would somehow reflect my own name, since I had (grudgingly and reluctantly) agreed that the baby would carry DH's last name. Since I have a celtic-sounding middle name that starts with "A," (Alanna), we decided we'd find similar names for our daughter.

Going into the hospital, we had two front-runner names, and had decided we'd meet the baby before naming her. When she was born, there was no doubt as to her name -- Margaret Alys. We call her Maggie.

Our runner-up name was Katherine Aine.

Is this your story? If so e-mail Nymbler right away. We need your contact information! Did you submit one of the other stories before the contest ended? Go ahead and send your contact info too. We loved all the stories so much, we want to send "Nymbler Special Deliveries" to everyone!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The feature you've been waiting for!

That’s right, Nymbler just learned a new skill. It’s the “Block this Name” trick.

After hearing much feedback from you, we’ve retrained Nymbler and now you can block names from showing up in your search. Just use the button to add a name to your “blocked names” list. So, if you hate the name “Bart” because it reminds you of The Simpsons, just click the .

If you notice something else different, you’re right. That’s because the button has replaced the button. To find out all the information about a name, just simply click the name. So, if you just finished the newest Harry Potter, and you’re wondering where exactly “Harry” originated, just click on “Harry” and you’ll learn it’s an English name with a jazz-age spirit.

Your feedback was a big part of this update, so keep those comments coming. Leave comments right here in the blog or e-mail us at

Monday, July 30, 2007

Nymbler Wants More Naming Stories!

If you haven't posted your baby name story be sure to do so right now.

Nymbler's baby name story contest will end this week. Then we'll announce our favorite stories and post them right here.

See our last post for more details and be sure to leave your baby name story for the Nymbler community to read. Who knows? You may inspire someone else!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Send us your baby name stories

So, you finally settled on a first name. And you have a middle name too. Maybe you have girl and boy names picked. And then you have alternates, just in case you change your minds.

Or maybe you already found the perfect name.

Whether you're still searching, or your minds are made up, we want to hear your story.

The Nymbler Team will pick our top 3 favorites to receive their own "Nymbler Special Delivery."

What are you waiting for? Share your baby name story with the Nymbler community in our comments section.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Quick Update

Have you ever wished you could come back to Nymbler with all your favorites and inspirations saved?

Or that you could show your favorite name list to your husband when he gets home from work?

Well now you can! As long as you're on the same computer, Nymbler will remember the names you saved to your favorites list and the names you chose as inspiration last.

What are you waiting for? Start choosing your favorite names!

Has Nymbler helped you solve a name debate? Let us know!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Nymbler's Top Names

According to the Social Security Administration, the top names of 2006 were Emily and Jacob.

But here at Nymbler, we think things have changed in the first six months of 2007.

Of all the names added to “My Favorites,” Ava tops the list for the ladies and Jack is the top boy’s name pick. Following Ava is Charlotte, Sophie, Elizabeth and Lily. The boy’s top 5 continues with Benjamin, Owen, Max and Noah.

We found lots of other data too. Here’s a look at the top boy’s and girl’s names in a few different Nymbler categories:

  • Names Most Frequently E-mailed: Ella & Benjamin

  • Names Most Frequently Listed as Inspirations: Elizabeth & Jack

  • Names Most Information Requested for: Ava & Jack
  • Names Most Frequently Suggested by Nymbler: Rachel & Max
  • Names Most Frequently Added to Inspirations: Ava & Jack

According to all our information Jack and Ava seem to be the most common names on

What do you think? Will Jack and Ava top the 2007 list of favorite names?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nymbler just got smarter!

Over the past couple of weeks we've been working to improve Nymbler's name suggestion algorithm, and the new version is live! So, welcome to Nymbler 0.2

Your feedback played a big part in helping us improve Nymbler - so thanks to everyone who's told us not only when Nymbler's name suggestions work for them, but also that time they put in Jayden and got back Bernice.

We hope you'll notice some of the changes in Nymbler, and as always, keep letting us know what you think.

We're planning on teaching Nymbler some new names, as well as adding some exciting new features during the next few weeks, so check back soon for more Nymbler improvements.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Is this Name “For Real?”

Back at the Nymbler Nest we are constantly watching out for new baby names so we can expand our database. We recently found an article about a couple’s run-in with New Zealand authorities concerning the name they chose for their new arrival.

According to reports, the couple wants to name their baby “4real,” because of the reality of the upcoming birth. But authorities told the couple names beginning with a number aren’t allowed in New Zealand. The country has rules so individuals aren’t given names that are “likely to cause offense to a reasonable person."

To find out more, check out the full story.

What do you think? Would you ever use a number in your baby’s name? Should governments enforce"naming rules" for parents?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Internet Explorer functionality fixed

We want to thank everyone who sent us feedback last week about problems using Nymbler from Internet Explorer. The problems we're aware of should now be fixed.

Feedback from Nymbler users helps us identify problems much faster. Let us know if you're having problems using Nymbler in the comments, or by emailing us.

Welcome to the Nymbler Blog

Welcome Nymbler users! Over here at Nymbler headquarters we are super excited to finally have our beta website live.

Now that things have calmed down a little bit from our first heady week online, we wanted to set up this blog. This is where we'll be announcing updates and new features, and filling you in on fun Nymbler factoids and tips.

Since Nymbler is so new, we are fixing and upgrading it all the time, so check the blog and the website frequently for changes and improvements.

In the meantime, try Nymbler out!